Love. Life. Longing.

by Ashdown

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released September 27, 2014

Recorded and Produced by Daniel Wong
Published by Serendip Productions



all rights reserved


Ashdown Singapore

Formed in early 2007, Ashdown has been hard at work doing what they love, and sharing it with everyone else. From humble beginnings, they have slowly grown and matured towards not only a bigger, better sound, but to writing and creating various original pieces of music and lyrics as well. ... more

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Track Name: 100
Maybe it’s time I admitted
The fact I shunned so badly
Because it’s been a while
Yet my heart breaks a little

I’ve told myself to stop all
Self-loathing and contempt
The pessimist inside of me
Like Katrina and Irene

Don’t forget me now
Don’t forget what we really had
Don’t forget the spark in our chests
'Cos I won’t, ever
And I won’t ever

Please look at me one more time
You’re still in my dreams
This image is not real
But the feeling soothes me so

I know it’s over
100 times I’ve told myself
I just hope it doesn’t stop you
Like it has for me

Don’t forget me now
Don’t forget me now
Don’t forget me now
Don’t forget me now
Track Name: Dear Ryan
Keep breathing, it’ll take time
Nothing heals that quick
Life continues, moving on
We just need the cup full

Tickled pink, with expectation
Life ain’t got no lemons
Let sympathy not be real
For pity is not perfect

Dear Ryan, look at me the state
You solely caused
Neither alive nor dead
Yet another hardened emotion

Pictures remind us of the time
The good, bad and ugly
But memories will forever be,
A part of you and me

This life has no plan for us
Being apart is a must
Light a cigarette, and breathe in deep
For it soothes and calms us

The sky is calling out to us
A brilliant sea of brightness
Like an angel swooping down
To hold us and keep us sane
Track Name: We're Gonna Make It Someday (feat. Eileen Chai)
Walking down the street one day
And it’s all the same
Thinking about the life we had
Where do we go from here

Monday blues as we drag our feet
Grudgingly passing by
Wondering how this world will turn
What’s our purpose here

'Cos we want to know
We all need an answer
'Cos we need to know
What are we waiting for?

Believe that you can accomplish
The things that you were meant for
No need to worry, we gotta stay happy
And even if the world stops turning
Your heart will tell you
To keep on moving

But you know what?
We’re gonna make it someday

Turn the tables, light the candles
It’s a new perspective
Widening our eyes to find
The beauty around us

Just a little change will go
A long way
Remember what it was that started everything

Life is unpredictable
You’ll never know what you’re gonna face
Just listen to the sound
Listen to the sound of your voice

We’re gonna make it someday
Track Name: Till The End Of Time
For so long
We lived in denial
When you know it’s wrong
Just awaiting our trial

Love is uncanny
No ifs, ands or buts
To love you so deeply
Like a stab in my gut

How long till we break
How long till we’re defeated
How long till it’s not worth it

Fight till the end of time
For our sanity
With much trepidation
With much trepidation

Fight till the end of time
It’s our galaxy
Our foolish determination
Our foolish determination

Years quickly passed
Turn blind ignorance
We picked ourselves up
Just pure endurance

Don’t let me go
Hold on tighter
The world might be vast
But not that much brighter

Did you see this coming?
What it worth the wait?
All that prolonging
We’re just so afraid